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About Us

El Paseo Inn Restaurant was established in the 1930’s and was originally located in another portion of Olvera Street, W-23. In 1953, it moved to its current location at E-11 which prior to that time was occupied by Café Caliente. Mrs. Elena Peluffo and Mr. Frank Webb were the first owners of El Paseo Inn at E-11, and Andy M. Camacho, purchased it from them. El Paseo Inn has served many special guests over the years, including civil rights leader Cesar Chavez and Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

From approximately 1870 to 1914, the building which houses El Paseo Inn was used for wine making. Antonio Pelanconi bought the lot that is now 845 North Alameda St. in 1871 from wine markers Guiseppe Gazza and Guiseppe Cavacci. It is not known when the Pelanconi Winery, which ran between Alameda and Olvera Streets, was built. However, it was in operation prior to 1875. Pelanconi died in 1879 and his widow Isabel married his partner Giacomo Tononi, who carried on the winery business with Antonio’s son Lorenzo. In 1914, Lorenzo and his mother erected a warehouse on the corner of Los Angeles and Alameda Streets. By 1918 it was known as the Cucamonga Winery. During Prohibition, soft drinks were manufactured there. A restaurant which is the present day El Paseo Inn moved into a portion of the winery in the 1930’s. During the 1950’s, the Padre Vineyard Company continued the wine making tradition on Alameda Street, at a location on the Eastern portion of El Pueblo which today faces Union Station.

Originally, El Paseo Inn housed a large dance floor in the middle of the dining room where it featured a Latin orchestra and Folklorico dancing performances. It is proud to house one of the oldest bars, designated a historical landmark, in the City of Los Angeles. El Paseo Inn continues to entertain guests and celebrate Mexican culture through fine food and drink, inspiring music, and authentic décor.


No Reservations. We seat on a first come, first serve basis.

We encourage you to call in advance for estimated wait times.


11 East Olvera Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Email: cimgt@camachomgt.com